The art installation, a symbolic funeral, was created using recycled materials, LED lights, sacred geometry inspired stained glass sculpture, and multi-colored, plastic flowers. “Trans” refers to the androgynous, ethereal being that dwells in the collective unconscious and repeated memories of our society. The figure brings forward a contemporary vision of our deepest fears – timelessness, the mysteries of life and death, the unknowable, and most pointedly the unavoidable natural cycle of corporal decomposition and rebirth through transformation to earthly nourishment. Man, as an earthly being, cannot avoid this conflict with nature and death. On the scale of natural forces, such as time and expiration, Man’s physical being is weak in the face of this power. The debt of living must always be paid. In contrast, and providing the scene’s backdrop, the Passion Flower’s multi-dimensional, fractal imagery invokes the spiritual essence of the soul and its ability to transcend the physical debt and its bonds. The door of perception opens through the dreamlike landscape where the pains of living disappear upon taking the first step into the journey of the unknown.

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