Valeria Divinorüm

Light artist working with Glass

Crystal Lights
Full Dome Vsynth Visuals
Cosmic Amulets
Sierpinski's Fractal
Tesseract - El Hïpercubo
Color Through Gläss
Visuäls - Light Year 34
EMBCL Exhibitïon - Flux Factöry Gallery
Shädows Though Gläss
Digital Imaginariüm
Cösmic Unity Exhibit at Flux Factöry Gallery
Träns-funeral - Art Installatiön at Wassiac
Confetti Machine - Realtime Mediä Festival
Bronze Wire and Stained Gläss Sphere
Agüa Viva - Menino do rio Müsic Video
Curator & Art Director of 'Ceremonia de Reencuentro'
Salvia Divinorum's Art Installatiön at Isla's Festival
“Dim Lit” a group show at Gallery Petite
ΑΩ - Visuäls at San Damiano Missiön
Susumi's Funeral Art Installatiön
Salvia Divinorum's Studio - Light & Texture Explore
Norwegian Rainbow Shower
Curator & Art Director of Yasi Yaguarete's Art Festival
Salvia Divinorum's Set Design for Saudade Festival
Salvia's Passion Flower with Crystal Projections
Dome - in collaboration with Flora Tristan
Festival Estelar - Experiencia Majka
Tecla Gato Scene Set Design with Salvia Divinorum
At the Mountains of Madness - Lovecraft UV Installation
Visuals in collaboration at The Park Church Co-op.
Salvia's Divinorum - Moon Rise Over the Sea
Salvia Divinorum at Teatro Margarita Xirgu - Fertilindo
Salvia Divinorum - Fertilindo : Fertil Discos
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