Classes, Courses & Workshops 
*Techniques of design and architectural representation course under Arch. Karina Hermida 
*Charcoal drawing, acrylic painting & Collage techniques at Juan Lado's Studio
*Silk-Screen printing workshop at IMPA Arts Factory
*Adobe house building workshop in San Carlos de Bariloche
*Workshop of resin and recycled materials at Boedo Casa Cultural with Matias Laufer
*Scenic Art Workshops - Scenography handmade creative techniques with EMAD Artists
*Adobe Photoshop Course in the studio at Parallel Render with Matias Nasielski
*Workshop of technical drawing at Instituto de Computacion with Architect Carolina Vess
*Sketch freehand drafting workshops at Palermo's forest -  University of Buenos Aires Architects
*Seminary of analog and digital photography at the University of Belgrano
*Course of 3D modeling and rendering of images with 3D max and Autocad 3D at Parallel Render
*Youth performance and singing - Colegio Sagrado Corazón de Almagro
*Singing lessons with Lea Franov at La Casa Caracol
*Stained Glass Classes of Tiffany technique with Andrés Jacob at Taller Escuela del Sur 
*Workshop of Sacred Geometry with Andrés Jacob in Taller Escuela del Sur
*Glass Blowing Workshops at Glass Roots workshop in Newark, NJ
*Vitrofusion workshops at Creatively Yours in Ridgewood, NJ
*Introduction to Lost Wax Casting in Tampa Bay with Rodolfo Haedo
*Introduction to Prosthetic Characterization with Mujer Gallina (Chile)
2017 Glass Tutor - Private Lessons For beginner to advanced students – learning the process of Tiffany Technique – Brooklyn and Manhattan, New York.
2017 Art Installation and Visual Projections at 'Kermese en la dimensión Cristal' Exhibit – Kowalski Cultural Center of Art Performance – Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2017 Curator, Art Director and Art Installation at “Ceremonia de reencuentro” Art Show - Yapeyu Art Gallery – Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2017 Glass Art Installation with Light at Luminous Flux Art Show – Upstairs Projects, Brooklyn, NY
2017 Visual Projections in collaboration with Camilla Padgitt-Coles (Ivy Meadows) at San Damiano no-wave music Show - Brooklyn, NY
2017 Glass Art Installation Raw Artists - Verse showcase – Brooklyn Bazaar, Brooklyn, NY
2017 Glass Art Installation at the Major Exhibition: The Endless and Mobile Beautiful Collapsible Labyrinth at Flux Factory Gallery - Brooklyn, NY

2017 “Dim Lit” a group art show about enlightenment at Gallery Petite - Bushwick
2017 Glass and Neon Art Installation at Cosmic Unity – Flux Factory Gallery, Queens, NY
2017 Visuals in Collaboration with Ulysses Popple – at the Park Church Co-op – Brooklyn, NY
2017 Visuals Improvisation at Confetti Machine – Audio Visual Experimental Media Festival - Outpost Artists Resources – Queens, NY
2017 Sidewalk Luminous Art Intervention at Alien God Clossing Reception – Gallery Petite, Brooklyn, NY
2017 Performing Crystal Visuals with Eric Leiser's Puppetry at The Glove - Brooklyn, NY.
2017 Art Installation with Video Projections over Salvia Divinorum Painting at Amphora Mad Pad 1 – Muchmore’s – Brooklyn, NY
2016 Freelance Interior Architecture Designs for Ana Weigel Architecture Firm.
2016 Art Direction and Scenic art for Fertilindo Music Festival at Margarita Xirgu-EspacioUntref
2016 Model Maker for the Scenography of the music video ‘Proyecto Huemul Panchasila’ - DOME

2016-2017  Visual Performances/Set Designs for Music Off McGoldrick at The Park Church Coop - Brooklyn, NY

2016-2017 Currently working at Big Show CM - Managing construction projects, Architectural Designs and Construction Renovation specializing in high-end/high-tech retail, Interpretive exhibits , multi-media installations, discovery centers, entertainment venues and museum spaces- such as:
    - Artists Respond to 9/11at the Memorial Museum – in Collaboration with Studio Joseph
   - LED wall installation at the Museum of the City of New York – NY at Its Core exhibit in Collaboration with Studio Joseph 
- The Rolling Stones Exhibitionism Show – Industria, NY
- The Body Politic exhibition of Contemporary Video at the Met Breuer - New York, NY
- Michelangelo Art Show at the MET – Installation of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling printed replica. 
- Louis Vuitton “Volez, Voguez, Voyagez” Exhibit – at the American Stock Exchange Building. 
2015 Interior and Exterior design  for formal functions at BA ambient
2015 Coordination and Visual Art assemble at Chaujano Festival in Santa Rosa, La Pampa
2015 Assembly and Artistic Production for Festival Estelar at the Planetary of La Plata
2015 Costumes designs and assistance for music video “Las Nueces Mágicas - Ye Olde Spaceship”

2015 Art Installation for Live Music Show Bola Cósmica at Cosmic haus - Ale Sordi's Studio in Caballito, Buenos Aires
2015 Art Installation 'La caída  del ave' for group art show: ChangoLuno - La Boca, Buenos Aires
2014 Social Activist -Collaboration designing new spaces for social projects "El Encuentro" in Slums of Joce C. Paz, Buenos Aires Providence
2014 Live Mural painting at Roller Derby Avellaneda Skate Park along with Cosmos Art and Malva Molina

2014 Festival assembly at No Music/ No life skate park of Avellaneda, Buenos Aires

2014 Art Direction and Scenic Art Production in collaboration with Mujer Gallina and Augusto Zaquetti for music video "Conexión "

2014 Art Installation for Roomers  fest at Malta Bar in Palermo - Buenos Aires

2014 Assistant Professor at the Scenic art tendencies congress Universidad de Palermo - Buenos Aires
2014 Art Installation 'Ara Divunorum' at Casa Frida - Ituzaingó Buenos Aires
2014 Art Installation for the Circus variety of el Galpón de Tolosa – La Plata, Buenos Aires
2014 Scenic Art Installation 'Fruto de Bosque' with Mujer Gallina and Joce Esparza at  Teatro Silencio de Negras (theater) for Jardin Vivero, Buenos Aires

2014 Scene Set Design at Casa Sr. Duncan for Taller del Conservatorio Superior de Música Manuel de Falla (music conservatory show)

2014 Scenography design for music sessions at Cultural Center Pampero - Bernal, Buenos Aires
2014 Assembly, curator and artistic production for Yasi Yaguareté festival at Casa Caracol in Paternal, Buenos Aires
2014 Set design and art group show coordination for Pakapi Records - Mondo Trasho in Congreso, Buenos Aires
2014 Art Installation for hydorozoa music festival at Espacio Metanoia in Palermo, Buenos Aires
2013 – 2015 Architecture firm Estudio Jarana  Working  for Architectural Design and development of new construction and additions of Residential Projects and Cultural Spaces

2013 Scenography in Styro-fluorecency  for music live sessions at Cultural House Rincon - Montserrat, Buenos Aires

2013 Coordination and visual art assemble presenting illustrations, sculpture and scene set design for DJ's cabin at  Mama Cerda Festival Artist in residency - Casa Trash, Buenos Aires

2013 Art Installation Styro-fluorency - 10 year anniversary of the Casa de las Estrellas - La Boca, Buenos Aires
2013 Design Professor's auxiliary at University of Buenos Aires (FADU- UBA) of the Architect  Alejandro Vaca Bononato
2012 Art Installation 'Styro-fluorecency'  in collaboration with Federico Diorio Open Studio - Buenos Aires
2012 Assistant professor to Architect  Jorge Mele and Architect Laura Raffaglio – History of Contemporary Architecture - at the University of Belgrano - Buenos Aires
2012 Plan and Coordination for Francisco Salamone’s Architecture Road Trip for a group of 250 students - at the University Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires
2012 Art Installation - Urban Connections at The merging cultural center of Buenos Aires
2012 Research and translation assistance for Stella Maris Casal – Avenida de Mayo landmark historical avenue of Buenos Aires
2012 Visual Arts Exhibit 40 Languages: Techniques in Collage at the Anti-mechanic Circuit - La Boca, Buenos Aires
2012 Internship at Manzana de las Luces Research and Investigation Assistant for  Arch. María de las Nieves Arias Incolla - Buenos Aires.
2013 Design Professor's auxiliary at University of Buenos Aires (FADU- UBA) of the Architect  Alejandro Vaca Bononato
2010 - 2013 Research and investigation with  Architect Stella Maris Casal on architectural patrimony of Buenos Aires  - at the University of Belgrano - Buenos Aires
2011 Private lessons for students on History of Architecture periods: Romanic- Gothic- Islamic - at the University of Belgrano - Buenos Aires
2010 – 2011 Tutor students on Methodology of investigation and scientific researching - at the University of Belgrano - Buenos Aires
2008 Bilingual Information Specialist  for tourists around the city of Buenos Aires specifically of historic heritage sites
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