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Equal parts spooky, enchanting, creepy, and fanciful. We invite you to immerse yourself in our annual Haunted Mill, where artists have transformed the towering Maxon Mills into an exciting Halloween experience.
The Kids’ Haunted Mill will be open from 3-5PM, with family-friendly Halloween festivities, including: hay rides, a costume contest, face painting, snacks, carnival activities, and more!
As the sun sets, the Adults’ Haunted Mill opens from 6-9PM. We dare you to venture up the winding staircases of Maxon Mills for seven floors of thrills and chills.
At 9PM, the party continues into the evening at the Monster’s Ball at the Lantern with live music and DJ sets. Come prepared to impress in your Halloween costume!
Matthew Schnepf and Munawar Ahmed
Visuals in Collaboration with Ulysses Popple – at Park Church Co-op – Brooklyn, NY.
Music by:
-Raw Silk (Ami Dang & Alexa Richardson) -Black Lodge + em.g
-Tropical Rock (Ka Baird & Camilla Padgitt-Coles)
-Dylan A. Marcheschi & Tamio Shiraishi with Mirichu Inoue
Visuals Improvisation at Confetti Machine – Audio Visual Experimental Media Festival - Outpost Artists Resources – Queens, NY
Together Together: Improvised Electronics Round Robin:
The Improvised Electronics Round Robin serves as a platform for tool builders, artists and engineers to experiment in a performance based environment. Artists are to set up in a circle to play short interlocking sets in a clockwise fashion.
Sidewalk Luminous Art Intervention at Alien God Clossing Reception – Gallery Petite, Brooklyn, NY.
Poet Michael Tyrell curates a reading fit for an Alien God.
trippy sounds of Roarke Menzies, in outer-space.
Soundscapes of our world by Nova the Wraith heard through the ears of our ancestral, alien gods.
And space out on the live, psychedelic imagery created by Valeria Divinorum.

Artists: Roxanne Jackson, Andy Diaz Hope, Gazoo “To The Moon”, MP Landis, Sonomi Kobayashi,
Ryan Michael Ford, Dasha Basanova, Giamo, Matta Tripoli, Amunet Shah, Gina Ruggeri, Cordy Ryman
Performing Crystals Visuals with Eric Leiser's Puppetry at The Glove - Brooklyn, NY.
Art show: prints and reading by Alex Heilner
Live music Performance by Sic Tic, Coitus the Clown (Lux), Searmanas, Pan, Nightspace & Neek

Show curated by Juan TwinMg
Art Installation with Paintings and Projections by Salvia Divinorum at Amphora Mad Pad 1 – Muchmore’s – Brooklyn, NY.

 Paintings with projections by Valeria Divinorum with Victoria Iriarte
 Performance by Michael Hix, Joshua Martin, Ash Ashley, Jono Mi Lo
Glass Art Installation with Light at Luminous Flux – Upstairs Projects, Brooklyn, NY.
A night of immersive light & sound featuring art by:
Valeria Divinorum, Curtis Godino, Melissa Johnson, Carl Knight, Devin Morris, Will Rahilly, Lily Rogers, and Natasha Wong.
Music By:
Bergsonist (Live) https://soundcloud.com/bergsonist
Moma Ready (DJ set) https://soundcloud.com/moma_ready

Organized by Upstairs Projects
Visuals in collaboration with Camilla Padgitt-Coles (Ivy Meadows) at San Damiano no-wave  Amphora's show
Music By:
Wharton Tiers Ensemble : headed by no wave pioneer, Wharton Tiers of....Theoretical Girls, Sonic Youth, Laurie Anderson.
Pi Power Trio: lead by no wave pioneer, Pat Irwin of 8 Eyed Spy (w/Lydia Lunch), Raybeats, Spongebob.
Major Exhibition : The Endless and Mobile Beautiful Collapsible Labyrinth
The Endless and Mobile Beautiful Collapsible Labyrinth is an interactive sculptural installation taking over Flux Factory’s gallery. Sculpture, video, sound and performance will inhabit a serpentine maze of track-mounted rolling walls, a kaleidoscopic reimagining of rolling library stacks. It will certainly rival MoMA and the Louvre, elevating Flux among the most well endowed hosts of exhibition-ready wall space per sq ft on Earth. Visitors are invited to roll through the “stacks” to discover the works, moving the walls in and out of place. This process will damage, activate, expand or alter the artworks, challenging the preciousness of the art object and creating a playful interactivity.
Curated by Flux Artists-in-Residence, Seth Timothy Larson and Abigail Beth Entsminger.
“Dim Lit” a group art show about enlightenment at Gallery Petite - Bushwick
These artists are bright lights and their work emits this “light”:
Oliver Lyons, Zach Mason, Meagan Meehan,
Kurt Steger, Salvia Divinorum, Rene Fressola
Closing Reception - Music Show featuring:
 Candy Boys Music by Candy Boys, Johnny Dydo,Julie La Mendola
Glass and Neon Art Intallation at Cosmic Unity – Flux Factory Gallery, Queens, NY.
Group art show about New shamanism and spirituality, experimental art and occult feminist music in Latin America curated by Julieta Triangular - Celestial Twins
Visuals Performance/Set Designer Trough varios shows (2016 –2017)
Music Off McGoldrick at The Park Church Coop (29 Russell St., Brooklyn, NY 11222)
•       Projection of visuals in collaboration with Julieta Triangular using analog super 8 films from “Celestial Twins Collective” creating visual effects with stained glass sculptures, crystals and prisms for experimental and avant-garde independent record labels.
•       Design and production of scenic art for live music shows by the use of recycled materials, paint and LED spotlights.
Curator and Art Intallation at “Ceremonia de reencuentro” en Yapeyu Art Gallery – Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Musical Ambient by: 
Los Otros Dos (Juan José Calarco + Verónica Cerrotta)
Kaikki kissat
Geometrical Visual Ambient by: 
Rumba Gabriel Conte, Noe Mercanzini, Victoria Iriarte, Мalva Molina, Mech Comesaña, Mauro Tapia  & Valeria Divinorum
Video Projections by:
Celestial Twins, Lautaro Mavieh & Amir Badawi
Art Installation and Visuals at Kermese en la dimensión Cristal – Kowalski Centro Cultural – Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Music by: 
Diente de Madera + Pan del Indio
La Nueva Aurora
Show Curated by Francisco Javier Martinez
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