What is E.M.B.C.L.???

The Endless and Mobile Beautiful Collapsible Labyrinth is an interactive sculptural installation taking over Flux Factory's gallery. Sculpture, video, sound and performance will inhabit a serpentine maze of track-mounted rolling walls, a kaleidoscopic reimagining of rolling library stacks. It will certainly rival MoMA and the Louvre, elevating Flux among the most well endowed hosts of exhibition-ready wall space per sq ft on Earth. Visitors are invited to roll through the “stacks” to discover the works, moving the walls in and out of place. This process will damage, activate, expand or alter the artworks, challenging the preciousness of the art object and creating a playful interactivity. 
Flux Artists-in-Residence, Seth Timothy Larson and Abigail Beth Entsminger have curated forty participating artists in the first of Flux Factories 2017 major exhibitions.
Pictures by Jiin Ahn (http://www.jiinahn.com/)

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