We need more light, but not light pollution. In the mists of our world, over lit as it is, staring down on earth littered with *peppered sunlight- city lights, street lights, everywhere light. In this time of ample electricity (that will be free someday, as the sun shines for free), we have abundant light. But the light we really need most, is as dim as could be. Dark times as dim souls have their way. We have yet to pull humanity from the dark ages. But it can happen in a second, a moment, like an explosion and the tables are turned, the global axis shifted. Done. A new world is born. It can happen that quick. 
Light is a particle that moves in waves. Light from a chemical reaction. An exothermic product, fire, emitting heat and light. Combustion, ignition and an explosion... Look what the light did now..
Unfortunately most of the light manifested by the people, is turning on the lights when they get home. That energy comes from the fire of a light bulb, fueled by the electricity that comes from the wall. Our infrastructure is incredible, like magic. While we are experts lighting our cities, our home and streets, lighting our way, never truly being in the dark. But this light is merely physical. We need "enlightenment". In these dark times caused by generations of dim lit souls, its time to turn the corner and see the light. Not the light from our phones but the light within all of us. Our guiding light, our intuition, our 6th sense, whatever you want to call it, its the only information these days that doesn't lie and its the only light worth following.
These artists are bright lights and their work emits this “light”.

Oliver Lyons, Zach Mason, Meagan Meehan, Kurt Steger, Salvia Divinorum, Rene Fressola

Tyrome Tripoli 718 552 5600 GalleryPetite@gmail.com GalleryPetite.com

lyrics: *Jane's Addiction
          *Little Wings    

Note: Just to clarify we are all born as bright lights and over time we can become dim lits, some quickly and some not at all. Some people live as bright as could be their entire life. This is just my opinion that I live by. I believe that the process of personal creation (art making or whatever) is as important as food and sleep. To deliberately practice your innate creativity of a child, is to stoke and propagate your inner light.

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