New shamanism and spirituality, experimental art and occult feminist music in Latin America
January 5th - 8th
Opening at Flux Factory January 5th - 8:15 pm
Flux Factory will host a ritual opening of Cosmic Unity on January 5th. In opposition to white supremacy, homophobia, hatred and all political aggression, the counterculture of South America invite you to unite in the positive subversion, celebrating the exploration of the body and emancipation; the transgression of sexual fictions of identity; new meanings and transference of consciousness in a space of difference and symbolic language.
Cosmic Unity explores A trans-subjective connection with ancient cultures through psychotherapy, visual art, experimental immersive cinema, photography, sculpture, performance and poetry. The works embody a fluid continuity with natural entities and cosmic energies. The postcolonial nations and marginalized identities unite in cosmic love to penetrate the night and the western phallic structuring of reality. Cosmic Unity includes works by 22 artist-healers from Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Brazil and US in the search for a new spirituality.
Curated by: J Triangular (From Celestial Twins)
poster by Layla Taras Rubí
Diego Barrera (Celestial Twins) - Adria Ghiralt - Mapo Klampaiboon - Anibal Sandoval - María José Salamanca - Valeria Divinorum (Salvia Divinorum) - Lautaro Mavieh - Cláudia Cárdenas (S T R A N G L O S C O P E) - Street jizz - Maria Jose Rojas - Un Pasajero (FECIBogota - Muestra Itinerante) - Alvaro Daguer /ETCS RECORDS - Layla Taras Rubí - Anna Pistacchio - Linfa Ologramma - Dolorosa De La Cruz - Elisa Ghs - Nata Failde - Nina Corti - Darius James - Annalisa Quagliata - Pablo Molina Guerrero - INVE, Plataforma Experimental de Artes - Cristobal Traslaviña Berrios - Natalia Moya - Eli Neira - Diego Pinto Fernández - Armando Fragale - A special radical DJ set with Sammie with Darius James and Maria Heller

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