Color Through Glass is a Photo session that we made with the photographer Valeria Coniglione in an experimental project about colors reflected in different surfaces by the use of Glass as a lens to refract light in its various directions.

I've been constantly inspired by the golden ratio and the mathematical proportions that appear in nature so I also use them as a reference to create.  Geometry gives me a structure to work and expand into infinite worlds.
The stained-glass sculptures are made out of iridescent and beveled glass which make a double effect reflecting light and colors through space. These solid shapes where discovered a long time ago by Plato and reformulated by Archimedes now I use them to explore the infinity of space inside them. Each shape represents the four elements in nature, for example water by the Icosahedron.
Pictures by Valeria Coniglione 
Sculptures by Valeria Haedo (Divinorum)

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