Digital Collage
Architecture, Digital Art, Drawing
Color through glass
Bronze Wire and Stained Glass Sphere
Cosmic Unity Exhibit at Flux Factory's Gallery
Art Direction, Sculpting, Visual Effects
Icosahedron - Stained Glass Sculpture
Trans-funeral - Hunted Mill at Wassiac Project
Art Direction, Set Design, Sculpting
DistENDed Cinema - Agua Viva + Divinorum Lights
Architecture, Cinematography, Film
E.M.B.C.L Exhibit - Flux Factory Gallery
Confetti Machine - Realtime Media Festival
Architecture, Digital Art, Performing Arts
Agua Viva - Menino do rio – Music Video
Art Direction, Photography, Cinematography
Susumi's Funeral Art Installation
Art Direction, Set Design, Visual Effects
Ayahuasca Dream - Scene Set Design & assembly for Void
Architecture, Art Direction, Set Design
“Dim Lit” a group show at Gallery Petite
Art Direction, Crafts, Fine Arts
Norwegian Rainbow Shower
Art Direction, Visual Effects, Photography
Illustrations using AutoCad
Pattern Design, Sculpting, Visual Effects
Salvia Divinorum's Studio - Light & Texture Explore
Photography, Crafts, Creative Direction
ΑΩ - Visuals at San Damiano Mission
Art Direction, Visual Effects
Salvia's Passion Flower with Crystal Projections
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Painting
Curator & Art Direction of 'Ceremonia de Reencuentro'
Art Direction, Performing Arts, Visual Effects
Festival Estelar - Experiencia Majka
Art Direction, Architecture, Photography
Work-In-Progress- Stained Glass Sculpture
Interaction Design, Performing Arts, Sculpting
At the Mountains of Madness - Lovecraft UV Installation
Art Direction, Digital Photography, Film
Cosmic Sister in love with the star
Art Direction
Luminous Flux at Upstairs Projects
Visual Effects, Sculpting, Landscape Design
Salvia Divinorum's Set Design for Saudade Festival
Art Direction, Set Design
Dome - in collaboration with Flora Tristan
Art Direction, Set Design
Experiencia Majka - Altar a la Yemaya
Art Direction, Performing Arts, Set Design
Tecla Gato Scene Set Design with Salvia Divinorum
Art Direction, Set Design, Visual Effects
Visuals in collaboration at The Park Church Co-op.
Visual Effects
NY Botanical Garden
Stained Glass Objects
Architecture, Art Direction
styrofoam -Fluorescence Art Installations
Art Direction, Film, Set Design
Curator & Art Director of Yasi Yaguarete's Art Festival
Art Direction, Set Design
foto crystal - Brooklyn 2016
Architecture, Photography
Salvia Divinorum at Teatro Margarita Xirgu - Fertilindo
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Crafts
Mixed Media & UV Illustrations
Performing Crystals with Eric Leiser's Puppetry
Animation, Cinematography, Digital Art
Salvia's Divinorum - Moon Rise Over the Sea
Art Direction
Los Siquicos Litoraleños en el CC de la Cooperación
Art Direction
Salvia Divinorum - Fertilindo : Fertil Discos
Art Direction, Exhibition Design, Set Design
Salvia Divinorum for Kermesse en la dimension cristal
Art Direction, Set Design
Salvia Divinorum's Art Installation at Isla's Festival
Art Direction, Set Design
Salvia's Divinorum - Forest UV art Installation
Art Direction, Landscape Design, Set Design
Costumes & Masks
Art Direction, Costume Design
Salvia Divinorum's intervention -Taller Escuela del Sur
Architecture, Art Direction, Sculpting
Fish Eye - Lomo - Buenos Aires
Photography, Costume Design, Cinematography
City Connections - Installation of Art
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Graffiti
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